Basic concept of fractions - How to solve Fractions

How to solve Fractions? How to take LCM?

Hello Learners,

Are you struggling with a fraction? Or don’t know how to solve it with simple steps. Here I will teach you How to take LCM? and How to solve Fractions?

Mathematics is a hard subject for most students. Most of the students find mathematics very hard.

Be it:-

  • Fraction
  • Geometry
  • Permutation and combination
  • Trigonometry, etc.

So, here in this post, we will teach you how you can easily solve fractions easily within some simple steps without any pressure on your mind.

Watch this post till the end, and, at the end of this post, I also shared 20+ fractions sums with answers.

That will help you in understanding fractions in a better way.

So, what are you waiting for let’s dig into the topic.

What is a Fraction?

A fraction is a number that represents a part of a whole. Fractions are used to show how many parts we have taken out of the whole part!

The fraction is written as

A / B

A is called the numerator!

B is called denominator!

for example

A father gave 3/5 of his wealth to his son! The total wealth of the father is 20000.

it means that

20000 is equal to the denominator!


= 4000

1 part is equal to 4000!

Then 3 parts will equal 3 × 4000 = 12000!

This simply means that the father gave 12000 of his assets to the son!


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How to take LCM and Solve Fractions??

First of all, Thank you for landing on this Educational article, Here I will tell you How to take LCM?

Let us take some Examples:
We have to solve this Fractions

\frac{5}{6} + \frac{7}{16} = ?

Firstly I want to tell you the shortest method.
Do Cross MULTIPLY here
(16 x 5 + 7 x 6)
and divide it with multiplication of Denominators which is 6 x 16
Hence Final Ans will be

\frac{(16 × 5 + 7 × 6)} {6 × 16}


= \frac{122}{96}

Take another Example:

\frac{3}{7} - \frac{5}{9} = ?


\frac{(9 × 3 - 7 ×5)} {9 × 7}



Now You must have understood this short cut Method but Think If we have to solve the Fraction of Three or more than Three numbers.

Then What should we do ?
For Example – \frac{5}{6} + \frac{7}{16} + \frac{7}{16} = ?

Then By Short cut method Firstly We will solve this \frac{5}{6} + \frac{7}{16} which is equal to \frac{122}{96}
and then after it we will add it with \frac{7}{16}

\frac{122}{96}   +  \frac{7}{16}

Then apply shortcut method on these two again. Now you will get the required answer.

TIP- This shortcut method is short only for Two numbers not for three.

For Three numbers or More Apply proper LCM method.


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