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Maths and Economics exam Reconduct due to leak

Hello everyone, there is a bad news for all CBSE students who have given mathematics (code 041) of class 10 and economics (code 030) of class 12. Maths and Economics exam will be reconducted due to leak.
Controller of examinations of CBSE has issued a notice regarding reconduct of Maths (041) paper and economics (030) paper. These two exams were leaked two days before. Eighty percent of students were having these papers and they have done it well. But those who were not having these papers are very sad and they should be. Many of the students were having hand written question paper of the same official question paper two days before the exam.
Class 10 Maths paper leaked:
As I am a teacher, I feel very bad about students who have given the exam wisely with their hard work. Now they also have to suffer even they don’t have any leaked paper with them. It is all because of one bad guy who has leaked the paper and shown his intelligent mind.
Class 12 Economics paper leaked:
Class 12 Economics paper was also leaked two days before the exam. Many of the students were having the leaked papers and this is not the fault of any student. It is only the fault of that shitty guy who has leaked both the papers .
But this is a big loss to those students who were not having the leaked papers and they have done it with their hard work. It should not happen with wise students.

Now both the papers will be reconducted and CBSE will tell the dates of both the exam within a week. This is a attached notice of CBSE which tells – ” Board has taken cognizance of certain happenings in the conduct of certain examinations as are being reported.

With the view uphold the sanctity of the board exams and in the interest of fairness to the students, board has decided to reconduct the exams in the following subjects.

DATES FOR FRESH EXAMS and other details will be hosted on the CBSE website within a week.

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