NCERT solutions for Chapter 10 straight lines class 11 Maths

Ncert Solutions For Class 11 Maths – Straight Lines

We are providing you the most accurate solutions of Ncert Maths class 11 – Straight Lines. These solutions are provided by HarMohit Singh (Teacher of Mathematics). Each and every concepts are being covered in easiest way and also you all can understand the concepts by watching the videos of these solutions on Youtube channel – Subject Teacher.

I have explained the following concepts of Straight Lines:

Chapter 10 Exercise 10.1 Straight Lines

     1. Introduction (Basics) of Straight Lines

(a)Distance Formula

(b)Section Formula

(c) Triangle formula

2. Slope of a line

(a)If lines are parallel then their slopes are Equal

(b)If two lines are perpendicular to each other then the product of their slopes equals to -1

 3. Angle Between two Lines

Chapter 10 Exercise 10.2 Straight Lines

  1. Different types of Lines on Graph

(a) Horizontal  (b)Vertical  (c)Lines with Different angles

2. Equation of Different Lines on Graph

There are many ways in which we can find the Equation of Lines:

(a) Point-Slope form

(b) Point-Point form or Two point form

(c) Slope-Intercept form

(d) Intercept form

(e)  Normal form

Chapter 10 Exercise 10.3 Straight Lines

  1. General Equation of a line
  2. Distance of a Point from a line
  3. Distance between two parallel lines.

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