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The best way to get motivated to study


First of all Thanx for landing on this article, if you want to know how to get motivated to study then I am glad you are in the right place. I am dividing this article in two categories :
• First part is for students who are financially weak
• The second part is for students who have everything in their lives but they don’t want to study.

1) Students who are poor or financially weak

Friends, think once from your heart that how your parents are doing hard work to make you successful person in life.

They are giving their best for your study because they know that one day you will become successful and change their bad days to good days.

Think once that they can also eat good food, wear good clothes, buy branded watches but they are not doing these things. They are saving that money and spending on your studies, school fees, tuition fees and all like that.

Doing everything to make you stand on your own feet and have seen the potential in you and have faith that you can do it. They are expecting their future in you.
I know that sometimes we have no motivation for study (it can be any reason), at that time always think of your parents and guardians. You will have to bring all the happiness on their faces as they are doing everything for you to make you happy.

Sometimes you will not get good marks but always try. This try word will definitely make you successful in life. Always give value to education as it makes you valuable in life further. 

I hope this cleared your mind and MOTIVATED you TO STUDY

2) Students who are financially strong

The students who have a good financial condition and their parents are giving everything they want then these students have to see that all the things which you are getting from your parents are not earned by you.

These all things are earned by your parents. Your father/grandfather had done lots of hard work to get a good life in future. But you don’t know the happiness of earning even ten thousand rupees.

I know that you will get each and everything from your parents. Try once – Earn ten thousand rupees and buy a mobile/headphone/books or anything you want.

Now You will see the happiness of earning and buying things with your earned money.If you are not getting the motivation to study till now then I request you to make a daily routine of moving through the slum areas and watch their whole conditions, how they are doing hard work for earning even ten rupees.

They are struggling in their lives and trying to make them good. Then also think of your parents/grandparents that one day they were also struggling in their lives.

Then they decided to do something that will make them financially strong. They became successful as you see your own House, cars, bikes and bank balance. I want to tell you that these are all earned by your roots, not by you.

It will never give you happiness in your life. Earn ten rupees yourself and spend it on something then you will see what the happiness is.

How to get Motivated to study – Remember each and everything told above, when Negative thought comes in your mind regarding leaving the studies.


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