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The joy of helping the poor

The joy of helping the poor : 

First of all thanx for landing on this article, here I will tell you what is the joy of helping poor. Before starting the article I want to tell you that there is nothing in the entire world which gives you happiness more than helping the poor or the needy.

1) Donate if you have extra

We have enough money to eat, buy clothes, buy accessories and most important we have a home but there are many poor around us who don’t have money even to eat. The three basic needs of human beings are food, clothes, and shelter. If you see someone who doesn’t have any one of these three please do help them. It’s our responsibility because God has given us enough money not only to save in lockers but also to help the needy. There are many poor around us who sleep on footpaths. They even don’t have blankets to put on in winters and are struggling with their lives. We cannot give them home/ shelter as we don’t have that much money but we all can donate them food, clothes which are old and blankets so that they will not shiver in winter. Donating your old stuff will make them happy and they will definitely give you blessings from their hearts. If someone gives you blessings then it means a lot (at least to me). Helping the poor will give you happiness on your face when you see those smiling faces who don’t have any hopes for future.

2) Teach for free in slum or backward areas

If you have knowledge of any subject then always try to teach it in backward areas and slums for free of cost. They don’t have money to spend on education so they keep on spending their whole life in illiteracy. If you start teaching them then it would be a great help of then in standing on their feet. If possible try to provide them pens, pencils, eraser, and registers so that they should not feel any burden on them.
3) Never show your anger to poor
Sometimes beggars, trashy, toy seller and all like that come in front of our car when we are driving, we show them our anger and scold them to move away. For this type of attitude, even God will not forgive us. God has given us everything car, bike, home, food, clothes not for showing anger to poor but to help them.
I am trying to make you understand from an example. We all know there are many stars in our Bollywood whose films earn 500 crores or more. But there are very fewer people who donate. Akshay Kumar’s films earn 100-200 crore but he is the highest tax payer and the highest donator from all actors. He donates the maximum of his income to the family of martyrs and to feed the poor with food and water on daily basis. And so you can see from his face he is the happiest person among all actors. This is known as real happiness.

 ­”No one has ever become poor by giving.”

Anne Frank

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