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Top five strategies to improve your communication skills

First of all thanks for landing on this article, if you want to know how to improve your communication skills then we are glad you are in the right place. Here we will tell you top five strategies to improve your communication skills.

1) Listen English
Recall once that how you have understood your mother tongue. It is only by listening to your parents, brother, sister and other surrounding people. So if you can understand communication in your mother tongue by just listening then you can also do it with the English language. You should watch English movies and news to improve your English and so your communication skills too.

2) Try speaking in the mirror or with customer care support
The best way to improve your communication skills is by speaking. We all know that if we are not good at speaking English then we generally hesitate to speak English to someone. Our friends and relatives make fun of our spoken English and hence we cannot speak with them. So where can we speak to improve our English? Here is a solution, I am providing you these two ways which will definitely help you.

      (i) Speak in the mirror with yourself
We can speak English with ourselves in the mirror. At first, we have to ask a question in the mirror then after we have to give its answer only in English. Here nobody is listening to us and we are improving too by speaking English. So it is the best method to speak in English and to improve our communication skills without hesitating.

       (ii) Talk with customer care support
Another best way to improve communication skills is talking with customer care support of any company (Airtel, Vodafone, Jio) and only in English. Customer care executive and you don’t know each other so you can speak in English without hesitation. It is the duty of customer care executive to listen to you and he/she won’t make fun of you like your friends and relatives do.

3) Reading habit
Try to make a habit of reading as it helps in improving your vocabulary. There are many benefits of reading. Reading makes our analytical and thinking skills stronger day by day. It improves the writing skills and the memory of our brain. Reading novels and books create a database of sentences in our mind which helps in communicating fluently.

4) Think in English
To improve our communication skills from roots we have to think in English and not in our mother tongue. Generally, when we think on some topic, we think it in our mother tongue. It is in human nature that in whatever language we think on some topic, we speak it in the same language whatever we thought in our mind.

5) Write in English
Writing on any topics increases your thought process in mind. Our mind will start getting the larger number of thoughts which will be feed in the database of our brain. Take any topic you like and start writing on it. It can be any topic like – favorite place, favorite mobile, outing with friends and all like that. Start writing and you will see the improvement in your communication skills.

Try them and they will definitely improve you and your skills.


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