how to improve concentration

Top six strategies to improve your concentration

Top six strategies to improve your concentration

First of all thanks for landing on this article, if you want to know how to improve your concentration then we are glad you are in the right place.
The human mind is not meant to work in hustle-bustle around us. Our mind is distracted easily when someone moves around us, talk around us, Whatsapp us and all like that.

Most people think they can’t do anything to improve concentration but believe me there are many strategies to improve it. Here we will tell you top six strategies to improve concentration skills.

1) Remove negativity from your mind
When we start doing some work we always have negative thoughts in our mind like “if it doesn’t work”, “if I don’t get good marks”.

If you want to improve you concentration then first remove the negativity from your mind. It is the biggest obstacle to concentration.

2) Make timetable daily
We always do a big mistake that we make our timetable for long-term like seven days, a month or more than that. It is a very big mistake of ours if we fail to follow the timetable of someday then we get into stress because next day we have another timetable to follow.

It’s a very good technique to make your timetable daily if you fail to follow the timetable of someday then you can follow it the next day as you don’t have the timetable for the next day.

It releases your stress and when there is no stress your brain will concentrate more.

3) Good sleep and Exercise daily
Each and everything in the world needs rest and so as our brain. We have to sleep minimum six to eight hours in a day which helps in regaining energy for the mind to learn more things.

After every one hour of study give your mind some rest of 5-10 minutes. So that mind will get refreshed. Exercise also plays a very important role in concentration.

Make a daily routine of exercise for 15-30 minutes in an open environment like parks, terrace. It makes your mind fresh and ready to start working again.

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4) Meditation (Best way)
Daily 5-10 minutes meditation is very important in refreshing our mind and giving pure thoughts. Many of the great scientists told meditation helps in decreasing stress, refreshing our whole body, improving concentration level and much more.

It has so many advantages in just 5-10 minutes and so it is very important for all to do meditation daily.

5) Avoid multitasking and divide your tasks
Some people try to do many tasks simultaneously which makes our brain run in many directions. When you start doing one task then make sure you complete that task and then after move to another task.

Doing one task at a time will make your mind concentrate more rather than doing multitasks.
Swami Vivekanand – The power of the mind is like rays of the sun when it is concentrated (on one task) “it illuminates”.

6) Play puzzle games
It is referred by many scientists. Scientists have done many scientific experiments and observed that the puzzle games make our brain concentrate more and improve our memory.

You all have observed in childhood that our teachers used to give us dots on notebook and we had to join them to make alphabets and shapes. They were also puzzles which were used to improve concentration.

Nowadays we can play puzzle games and riddles on our mobile phones but I strongly recommend for the puzzle cube.

These are the top Six strategies to improve concentration which are followed by many Students as well as teachers. 

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  1. Thank you sir for enlightening us with some good strategies and I’ve tried it my self , and I can see a difference in myself ……….…thank you and may god bless you sir 😊😊😇😇

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