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Top six strategies to improve your mathematics

First of all thanks for landing on this article, if you want to know how to improve your mathematics, then we are glad you are on the right place. Many students all over the world ask for strategies to improve mathematics. In this article I will tell you top six strategies to improve your mathematics.

1) Practice in early morning to Improve Mathematics

The best way to improve your Maths is practice in early morning rather than evening or night. I myself have tried this strategy.

One day when I was doing algebra and calculus questions at night, I was not able to find a path to solve particular question. I scratched my head many times that why is this question not ending up.

After sometime I decided to sleep and started solving that question in early morning. And now the disaster came, it was so simple question on which at night I gave two hours.

It is proved many times that your mind works more properly in morning as compared to evening or night.

2) Master one topic before moving on next

I have seen many students in my life who start doing some topic and if they are not able to understand, they move to next topic. This should not be done. You have to master one topic first before moving on next.

The topic which you are not able to understand is making your mind run more and more. More the brain runs more it makes mathematics easier.

3) Make a daily routine

If you want to know how to improve your mathematics , make a time table or daily routine and give constant time to practice maths problems. It is well said by Rabindranath Tagore that practice daily to improve early.

It can be one hour or two hours according to your daily time routine you have to practice daily and daily means daily, you should try not leaving even a single day to improve early.

If you are going to give entrance exams then you should make your time table for minimum 3 hours of maths study.

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4) Make path in mind first

While solving any maths problems, Firstly read the question properly and then imagine and make a path in your mind that how this question can be solved.

It helps in improving your thinking skills to solve questions easily. Making a path in mind before solving question tells you how the solution of that question should start and how can it be solved.

It prevents you from starting and doing solution incorrectly. Sometimes people start solving question and later they come to know that the solution they are doing is wrong which also wastes their time and they have to start again.

5) Try to teach someone

Whatever you have learned try to teach that concept to someone (either your friend or relative) because when you teach someone then your concept are polished and your mathematics will definitely improve.

Students in graduation, post graduation use to teach their friends to learn the concepts easily and in very less time. This is the most popular trick in higher studies which we all can use in our studies.

6) Practice more and more questions

If you think that you have understood some topic then try to solve more and more problems on that topic. The more you practice the more you improve.

You can practice sample papers which should contain the previous year papers, they will give you an idea of the questions which can come in your exams.

Lots of students ask me that if they have to do Text book first or Other books like RD Sharma. My answer to their question is you all have to do your text book (NCERT) first and when you have completed it thoroughly then after you can do questions from other books and sample papers.



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